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Kids Curiosity

Out of curiosity, kids like to explore household things that you mostly prohibited. They would rather set their toys aside and begin pressing, pulling, throwing or stacking things that are commonly found at home. Here's the list of the most usual household goods that they love.

10. Washing Machine

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A must "don't don't" for kids. The rotation or spinning of clothes, bubbles and sounds tempt them to watch, press the buttons of the machine or open and close it's door. They also like to place clothes for washing or help pulling them out.

9. Chairs and Stools

Rearranging chairs and stools that they can move or carry are their usual ideas. They can create bridges, towers, train seats, tunnels or play houses out of them.

8. Tissue Box/Paper

Tearing tissue paper apart, inserting or grabbing them out of the box or making mummies out of it are their common play. It can be a learning tool, too. Kids easily learn how to wipe dirt or wet surfaces if you teach them even for once.

7.Vacuum Cleaner

Sound grabs children's attention. So when they see you cleaning using the vacuum, they often grab it and imitate what you are doing.

6.Enclosures such as cabinet, wardrobe and curtains

We often see kids playing, pushing, opening and closing doors of either cabinet, wardrobe or room doors while curtains are often pulled, torn, scratched or marked.They are used as hiding places when they got scared or play hide and seek. Toddlers on the other hand like to scatter the contents of cabinets or wardrobes,play with the door swings and slam them.

5. Remote Control

Kids love to imitate what adults do. They like to follow how you press the remote control in front of the TV, change channels or manipulate some set-ups without understanding. As time goes by, you will be deprived of watching your favorite show when they learn how to use it properly.

4. Flash Light

Play of shadows, brightness and darkness broadens kids imagination. Flashlight is kids' favorite companion when they go for camping or just play around in dark corners or within their tents.

3. Water Handlers such as Dipper, Pail, Shower Head, Garden Hose or Water Dispenser

Water is one of the kids' favorite elements to play. Bathrooms and garden areas are the right places where they mostly use dippers, pail, shower heads or garden hose as toys. Since kids eye for the water dispenser when you are not around,choose dispensers with safety locks for hot water or place them at areas unreachable from younger children.

2. Telephone

Telephone is often considered as one of the easiest and earliest learning tools for children. The ringing sound mimicking, the dialing and saying hello mark your child's talking milestone.

1. Books or Magazines

Books and magazines are attractive to kids of various ages. They could even be the instruments of tearing or throwing for babies and toddlers; scribbling, coloring, cutting, stacking or picture scanning for pre-schoolers; and as reading materials or for building play houses for bigger kids.

Note: The list excludes computers or tablets, cellphones or any other gadgets which can be considered as children's mature toys due to their applications .

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