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I have a lot of obsessions when it comes to food, there's chili, then there's coriander, lime, peanut butter, camembert, stilton, tiramisu, truffles..the list goes on AND on! Another is spice of all description, the power and intensity can be mind blowing but also as delicate as a feather. Children also seem to love spices, when I say spice I don't necessarily mean hot spice but there are so many different types that are easily accessible to all, I think everyone should broaden their spice horizon. How cool that a touch of cinnamon can turn a boring lamb dish into something middle eastern, or a sprinkle of nutmegthat transforms a boring bun into a culinary comfort blanket.

My Chewy Allspice cookies keep the kids happy, probably because I make rather large cookies, but also because they are deliciously satisfying. And I can confirm to all you dunking obsessives out there that they are a successful dunker, three cheers.

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My cookies are free from eggs, I can't really eat eggs so this is a huge bonus for me and therefore it's imperative that I make these in order to survive in lifes great pursuit of finding the perfect partner for ones cuppa.

You will need a couple of baking sheets or you can cook them in two batches.

My recipe makes about 8 very large cookies, be warned they spread out during baking so keep them well distanced.


90g Plain flour I used gluten/wheat free flour

90g Oats I used Rolled Oats

80g Caster Sugar

1tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

1tsp of Allspice I'd go for a heaped teaspoon but I am obsessed with the stuff as I've already pointed out!

60g Sultanas or raisins

50g melted butter/margarine I used dairy free soya spread

2tbsp melted golden syrup



Pre-heat your oven to 170C, I set mine to 160C for a fan oven.

Line your baking sheets with baking parchment (why not lightly butter the baking sheet first so that the baking parchment has something to stick to and doesn't move around).

Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix together well, apart from the butter, golden syrup and milk.

Next put the butter and golden syrup together in a microwavable dish (I use a jug) and microwave until just melted and combined. Alternatively heat this in a saucepan if you are sans microwave.

Then pour the liquid mixture into the dry mixture and stir well, next lightly flour your hands and by hand form the mixture into a sticky dough. If the mixture isn't coming together add a little milk until you have a sticky but manageable dropping consistency. If it gets too wet just add a touch more flour.

Then I take an icecream scoop and just drop each scoop of mixture onto the baking sheets, keeping plenty of space between each cookie, I usually do four to a sheet. You could of course make smaller cookies if you want and you can just use a spoon to scoop the mixture out of course. Theres no need to shape them, just let the mixture drop naturally onto the baking sheet.

Pop them into the centre of your oven for about 20 minutes, check them at 15 minutes. They will be golden in colour because of the allspice. When cooked, take them out and leave them on the sheet until cooled. A spatula is always handy for a smooth transition from baking sheet to cooling rack!

Now put the kettle on and dunk!

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