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I sometimes drink 4x cups a tea a day, so I was thrilled when I read that old tea bags can be reused to reduce puffiness and/or dark circles around the eyes.

Its ideal to use a black, green, or chamomile tea bag. But since the only caffeinated tea I drink is green tea, that's what I use! Green tea has a minimal fermentation process leaving it with the highest amount of antioxidants.

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The tannin and caffeine (found in green or black tea) constricts the blood vessels while flushing extra liquid out of your skin. Alternatively, anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile help reduce puffy eyes.

All you need to do is save your used tea bags in a plastic bag or a container (one time I was desperate and used plastic wrap, it doesn't matter), in the refrigerator. When I'm in need of a serious de-puff to my eyes, I move them from refrigerator to freezer for five minutes or so. I personally think it is more enjoyable (and definitely more beneficial) to lay down with tea bags on my eyes when they are on the cooler side. Just my personal preference! This is my go-to, especially, with a sinus infection (or hangover).

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