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I could eat all day

I have officially hit a new stage of pregnancy at 36 weeks. It's the one where everything feels uncomfortable and I keep wishing that this little guy is going to be coming early. I have noticed that my cats have beenacting really strange. Dobby (the black cat) is always a little strange, but lately all he wants to do is have attention.Crookshanks, the orange one, has been sniffing EVERYTHING and leaving his mouth open as he does it.

What surprised me today?

Today I was very surprised by the amount of rain we received. Not only did we have a huge amount of rain but we also had thunder and lightening! I have seen that more when visiting my parents in Florida, but in the 7 years I have lived here I can count on one hand the amount of times I have seen a rain storm like this. I would definitely enjoy it a little more if my rain jacket would zipper, but that is a 36 week pregnancy problem. Here's to hoping baby comes early!

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What inspired me today?

Anyone who knows me understands my love for food. After I have finished eating one meal I am frequently thinking of what I am going to eat next. I can truly say that I haven't had any huge or weird cravings from being pregnant except for eating refried beans straight from the can. However, if someone mentions a type of food that I would normally find delicious I will really want it.

Today I was so excited to go up to San Francisco. We started our afternoon at the dentist and ended it at B Star Bar in the pouring rain and it was AWESOME! I had garlic noodles, samosa soup, paratha bread, and avocado smoothie. Ahh food.

I am now on a mission to try and make my own my own samosa soup and paratha bread. I found a delicious picture and recipe for samosa soup and I plan on trying it soon, but I will be making my own falafel.

What touched me today?

I am an odd oneknow that. I saw Les Miserables on stage at the age of 4 and I knew all the words by the age of 5. I used to stand in the front of the cart in stores and sing the different songs. One of the songs says, "What the he'll you fightin' for," and I sang this at the top of my lungs from the front of a cartneedless to say I embarrassed my mom a little. This video made my laugh so much because I could imagine myself doing the same thing.

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