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Do you want a attract a crowd of people at a party? You don't have to tell the best stories or tell the funniest jokes. All you need to do is stand near the chocolate fountain. Adding a chocolate fountain will liven up even the dullest parties. Most people love chocolate and what better way to serve chocolate than have it flowing out of fountain. A chocolate fondue fountain is a great addition to any party.

Chocolate fondue is a great dessert to serve at small gathering but quite difficult to serve at larger parties. Now with chocolate fondue fountains, your guests can still experience the taste of chocolate covered strawberries, bananas, pineapple, pound cake or anything else they want to dunk into the delightful chocolate waterfall that flows out of the fountain. You may have enjoyed a chocolate fountain at the last wedding or graduation party that you've attended.

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And now chocolate fountains are becoming popular home appliances. Several companies make home versions and although the quality of these machines varies greatly, chocolate fondue fountains can now be enjoyed at your backyard gatherings or anytime you like.

Most of these chocolate fondue fountains work the same way. First you melt chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave. Then you add vegetable oil to the chocolate so that it is fluid enough to be pumped through the fountain. The home appliance have small heating units that will keep melted chocolate flowing, but they aren't hot enough for the initial melting of the chocolate.

Chocolate chips are the easiest form of chocolate to melt and use in your fondue fountain. But using a premium chocolate will make it taste even better. And for adult parties, add a splash of Grand Marnier or a fruit flavored brandy such as blackberry brandy.

If you don't have a lot of time before your party to cut up fruits and cakes for dunking, why not buy a fruit platter. Salty foods will also be a hit in the chocolate fountain. Be sure to put out pretzels and potato chips. People may be hesitant to try them at first but once they do, they'll be hooked. Marshmallows and angel food cake are also popular. You really have a lot of options when it comes to foods to dunk in your chocolate fondue fountain. Just about anything tastes great when dunked in chocolate.

Cleanup is a breeze if your fountain is dishwasher safe but be sure to keep it running until you're ready to clean it. Letting the chocolate cool and get hard will turn cleaning your fountain into a major chore.

A chocolate fondue fountain has always been a memorable item to have at a wedding or large party but home versions are also gaining in popularity. Once you've seen the attention it draws, you may even add a chocolate fountain to your next party.

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