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Nothing fancy, just a pretty bronze neutral eye with a little wing

Nothing fancy, just a pretty bronze neutral eye with a little wing to tie everything together.

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Now onto the Cargo palette.

I think this would be a great palette to use for work, school and just general everyday make-up. It even tells you where to place each shadow which is especially good for beginners who are just getting into make-up. As for the shadows themselves, they we're ok. I found the bronze shade to be a little hard to work with, at least with the brush I used to apply it with (a MAC 239). I'm thinking if I applied it with a synthetic brush, it may have applied better so we will see! The problem I found with it was that it was a bit chunky so not the smooth application I was hoping for. For 20, it retails at a reasonable price for me, it was nothing spectacular but I'm putting that down to the bronze shade as I had no issues with the others.

Now onto how I created my eye look:

- I primed my eyes with a MAC paint in Bare Canvas

- Then with a MAC 224, I took a small amount of the crease colour and lightly buffed it into my crease, using circular motions

- I then took the lid colour on a MAC 239 and placed it all across my lid, being generous with the application

- I then took a small amount of the browbone colour and highlighted my browbone (duh) and my tearduct area

- Then I took the outer corner colour on a Sigma E35 and placed this in my crease

- I found that this wasn't quite dark enough for me, so on the same brush I took a bit of Urban Decay's Blackout and put that right in the outer V of my eye.

- For underneath my lash line, I placed the outer corner colour right up against my lashes and smudged it out with a pencil brush

- I completed the look with a thin line of MAC Blacktrack and Benefit's They're Real mascara.

I like how this turned out and I think I'll be doing this again maybe for work as I think it looked really pretty and it would be a great look for summer.

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